“Pookh and Prakh” – The AKHE Theatre (Russia)

„Bonds of Culture” Festival, Szczecin 2016

A story resembling an intricate puzzle unfolds from fragmentary episodes that initially seem a series of miniature abstractions. An explosive conflict starts between a lonely man and a lonely woman. We watch a tale about disappearance of love and growing chaos. The title “Pookh and Prakh” (“Feather and Dust”) suggests the original fragility and impermanence of human, reflection on how little, almost irrelevant we are compared to the laws of nature and internal elements beyond our control. The Akhe Group possesses charming ability to show us, with simplicity, our “weightlessness”. “Pookh and Prakh” was the first performance of the Akhe Theatre shown in the Kana Theatre in Szczecin (Festival ” Magic Russia” in 2000.) and marked the beginning of the long-term cooperation.