“Na lighcie” – Corpuscular Group LightOff (Poland)

Grupa Korpuskularna LightOff Grygier / Fibich / Nykowski (Corpuscular Group LightOff Grygier / Fibich / Nykowski)

demonstration of work not only for theatre sector
On the essence of a fresnel in opposition to a spot, or the off light from Grotowski to Grabowski.
The treatise on the dual nature of light will be given by one of the most controversial specialists in stage lighting in the world of theatre. We will learn about various techniques and units of light measurement (such as lumen, candela or steradian), we will hear stories of technicians’ problems with corpuscular-wave duality, and finally we will find out for what reasons and with what methods this stream has been directed to the actors of the off theatre throughout history, how a stage light can deceive, break, polarize or manifest luminescence.