“Everybody Gets What They Believe In” – Powszechny Theatre in Warsaw (Poland)

„Small Theatre Forms Festival KONTRAPUNKT”, Szczecin 2017

Seventy years after their visit to Moscow, Woland and his entourage from The Master and Margarita (Mikhail Bulgakov) move to Warsaw. Equipped with a modern equipment, including GoPro and drones, they observe residents doing their day-to-day tasks, visit them at work, approach them at a park or in a tram, admiring their efforts and hardship. The entourage registers conversations, collects pictures, writes down opinions, examines the reasons for unusual phenomena. The goal of all this to sit later behind a large, round table in the Powszechny Theatre and meet those residents in person to see whether they have changed much. They want to know who is this famous free man, the product of a young, barely 30-year-old democracy. The entourage wants to learn about this man’s problems, hopes, attitudes, and dreams. They are interested in whether people trust each other, whether they are ashamed of speaking up on their own, whether the residential issues are still up-to-date. What do they miss? Do they still want to have a story about one, true, absolute love?