“Bonds of Culture” festival, Szczecin 2017

A periodic festival (first edition in 1999) promoting actions of artists from various cultural areas. Every year it presents theatre shows, both indoor and outdoor, performance art and site-specific actions, concerts, exhibitions, films, workshops and presentations of methods of work. Its program includes also the festival’s own productions and events, “discovering” – through artistic events – forgotten, yet historically and socially important areas of Szczecin.


Photos were taken during the performances, concerts and events:
“The Suitcase of Dreams” – Kamil the Juggler (Szczecin)
“The Motankas with Miss Suska” (Szczecin) – the workshops
“Toy toy circus show”, Rufi Rafi the Clown (Jelenia Góra)
“Because of the table” – the sitting party
Wood and Brass Band Orchestra (Goleniów)
The Battle of Bands. Tęgie Chłopy vs. Warszawska Orkiestra Sentymentalna (all-Polish lineup)
Księżyc (Warsaw)
“Before the Dawn”, Ewa Grochowska and Friends (all-Polish lineup)
Bloco Pomerania (Szczecin)
“Embarrassment”, Arti Grabowski (Kraków)