Sejny Theatre Klezmer Orchestra (Poland)

Taken during „Small Theatre Forms Festival KONTRAPUNKT”, Szczecin 2018

Founded in the late ’90s while working on a theatrical version of “The Dybbuk” by Szymon An-ski. Members of the orchestra are the originators and partakers of the multi-annual program called “Musicians’s Raft – between New York and Sejny”; a workshop on the musical heritage of Central and Eastern Europe. During the meetings, the young musicians of the Klezmer Orchestra study under the watchful eye of the world most prominent klezmers; David Krakauer, Michael Alpert, Stuart Brotman, Jeff Warschauer and Deborah Strauss, Paul Brody, Frank London. Today, many students from Sejny are powering the young klezmer music scene in Warsaw – they are playing with some very well known musicians (eg. Mikolaj Trzaska, Raphael Rogiński), and also – form their own musical initiatives. The orchestra in annually accepting new, young musicians who come to study under the guidance of their senior colleagues, and explore the world of klezmer music together.