Olo Walicki Kaszebe II (Poland)

„Bonds of Culture” Festival, Szczecin 2016

Olo Walicki’s Kaszëbë II is a continuation of an earlier project related to Kashubia. Heavy guitar sounds, catchy melodies combined with expressive and provocative lyrics written by seven uncompromising authors, among others: Dorota Masłowska and Tymon Tymański – contribute to the original vision of Kashubia, a region beautiful and terrible. Walicki takes us into the magical atmosphere of the region’s unique nature, at the same time in a surprising way criticizing the contemporary image of the Polish province – dominated by “the culture of barbecue,” German cars with low suspension and stereo audio systems constantly playing disco polo music, virgin forests covered with broken bottles, and plastic garbage. “I think that none of us is authentic, yet we can try to be,” says Walicki. “I try to be in touch with the reality. Hence the stylistic form of the album Kaszëbë II: an artistic statement expressed not by avant-garde means, but through songs everyone can croon. I refer to the ludic element, yet not through feast music or disco polo, but using melody and clarity. There are no crazy experiments here. “